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Life as a Lifeschooler

Jan 26, 2018

On today's show, I will share with you my journey of fasting and prayer and why I believe it is such an important spiritual discipline for Christians to develop. I am no spiritual giant by any means! But God has taught me much through fasting and prayer, and I started 2018 with a two-week fast in which He moved in amazing ways in our family and my life. It was a truly life-changing experience and something that I believe was crucial to changing and preventing future problems with relationships and family life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I mentioned drinking salt water in a pure water fast, but I failed to clarify that this is in addition to drinking regular water. I wanted to mention that in case it isn't obvious. 

As I am able, I will also be adding some bonus content that will include links to websites, additional information and suggestions, and some other things that I have learned from my own experiences. To stay updated, please join our mailing list at